Award at Large


The intent is to recognise a person or an entity who/that does not necessarily fit into any of the other Award categories, but who/which has made a significant contribution to the viability of the profession and/or to its development and/or to its official recognition.

Light Collective: For the creation of the inspirational Women in Lighting platform that profiles and promotes women working in the field of lighting design and related fields such as education, journalism and manufacturing.

Itai Palti: For his science-informed design approach to architecture and urban design and his continuing research and commitment to supporting human behaviour and well-being in people of all ages around the globe, which now includes an awareness of the quality of light.

Kerem Asfuroglu: For his mission to deliver holistic training to local electricians in Gambia, providing them with an insight into design concept work, project management, site work, and an introduction to solar power. The project resulted in permanent lighting in the library in Abuko, offering children and young adults the chance to learn at all times of day in a safe environment.

Un Litro de Luz/Camilo Herrera: For the founding of the “Un litro de Luz” (A litre of light) project to provide lighting in homes without electricity. In the further development of the project, street lighting poles were installed to light up streets at night. These comprise new phase “Linternet” which uses the solar-run poles to install modems to provide internet access in the respective communities.