Best Partner in Industry


The intent is to recognise a manufacturing company that has demonstrated understanding of the work and ambitions of the Architectural Lighting Designer and has dedicated time and effort to develop tools to enable the Lighting Designer to fulfil his/her role as a crucial link in the value chain leading to successful architectural lighting projects.

Casambi: For the innovative development of a wireless lighting control solution which has penetrated the market with convincing consequences.

Soraa: For their pioneering technical design approach and the way they make use of the latest scientific findings in the field of colour science to enable the production of LEDs that cover the entire visible spectrum, including the violet spectrum.

eldoLED: For the company’s openness to providing structured learning opportunities for practising lighting designers, architects and other planners in the form of practical workshops and the communication of product-related technical information, also in conjunction with academic and industry experts, to ensure the designer / specifier can achieve a well-founded solution to meet the needs of the space to be illuminated.