Caution! PLDC may be addictive?

Shift happens – statistics department has grave suspicion:
PLDC is addictive!

Reported by Joachim Ritter

Statistics gathered on PLDC attendees lead us to conclude that PLDC is indeed addictive. PLDC has been staged every two years since 2007. And every time we stage the convention the number of attendees has risen steadily. For all events together, we have issued a total of 6783 tickets.
698 lighting enthusiasts have attended PLDC at least twice.
And 298 have attended three times.
136 have attended four of the six PLDCs in Europe.
And 83 attendees have never missed even one of the PLDC events to date in London 2007, Berlin 2009, Madrid 2011, Copenhagen 2013 or Rome 2017.

We should therefore not underestimate the “risk” of people becoming addicted to PLDC, of feeling compelled to be there. Initial withdrawal symptoms can be considerable and as a rule first occur at the conclusion of the Gala evening event.

It is therefore presumed that the social events in particular play a key role in this development. The Gala Dinner on the Saturday, the official Thursday evening party and the Welcoming Event on Wednesday are legendary and unforgettable and involve high spirits and a whole lot of fun.

That said, it is also the conference contents and the discussions that take place between experts in different fields that give each and everyone attending that special kick that many who have experienced PLDC will never ever want to miss.

Join for PLDC addictive treatment.

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