Deniz Uyaniker/TK/SG

The neuroscience of shopping and how to enhance the lighting design

Presentation date: 24. October
Presentation time: 12:15

The presentation focuses on the impact of digitalization, the new way of shopping and how retail design is being redefined. Retail stores are entertainment hubs and brands only survive if consumers interact with them on different levels in the shopping environment. Tradespeople have invested heavily in neuromarketing and neurodesign studies to find out how to engage with the customer and how to steer them efficiently through the store.
The speaker has undertaken neuroscientific research that can be helpful in redefining retail lighting criteria, and worked as a project manager for many retail projects in the Middle East and India.

Deniz Uyaniker/TR/SG

Deniz studied Industrial Product Design at Istanbul Technical University and then specialized in Architectural Lighting Design at the University of Wismar/DE.

She joined Erco Lighting Dubai in 2010. During this phase of her career, she held different positions in the company: lighting designer, project manager and business developer. She acquired experience on consulting clients to achieve optimal lighting solutions, managing projects from concept stage to completion, including lighting calculations and design, product advice, mock ups, execution on site, and follow up once operational to ensure customer satisfaction.

Progressing in her career, she was given responsibility for the Retail Lighting Business in the Middle East and India. In this role, she had the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious global brands to design and deliver renowned projects, to ensure cohesion to brand requirements and providing solutions for fast-track projects within tight schedules. She was also in charge of creating new lighting design concepts, selling customized solutions to retail outlets, and working closely with major retailers to enhance their store appearance in the most compelling and cost-effective way.

After acquiring practical experience in lighting, she decided to specialize in Architectural Lighting Design, her real passion. She obtained her Master’s degree at Wismar Hochschule in September 2018.

Deniz recently moved to Singapore, where she is working as a freelance consultant for architectural lighting projects.