Ellen Kathrine Hansen/DK

Dynamic lighting in office environments creating a natural flow of light

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 12:15

Ellen Kathrine Hansen’s presentation is the result of years of research to define how daylight can be used as a meaningful reference when designing dynamic lighting scenarios for office spaces. The tests and studies carried out will be explained and advice provided on how to combine a highly academic, architectural, and phenomenological approach with practical applied knowledge and user needs.

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Ellen Kathrine Hansen/DK, Aalborg University

Ellen Kathrine Hansen holds a Master in Architecture from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and a PhD in Lighting Design Experiments from Aalborg University. She is a leading person in the field of transdisciplinary design research and teaching in the field of Lighting Design. She has more than 20 years of experience driving projects to develop new architectural potential through the integration of daylight and lighting technology.
In 2012, Dr. Hansen left the window industry to start up a new Master of Science programme and research platform at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. The programme and research group combines architecture, engineering and media technology in a human centric approach to lighting solutions that seek to improve our built environment with applied knowledge of lighting design.