Dr. Henrika Pilhlajaniemi/FI

Working in deep darkness – well-being through adaptive and intelligent lighting in underground spaces

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 17:15

Henrika Pihlajaniemi will present examples of tested design solutions using adaptive and intelligent lighting technology to support workers’ well-being in underground spaces and other environments with a limited amount of daylight. The presentation includes an innovative, transdisciplinary pilot project in a unique location with an analytical research background.

Dr. Henrika Pihlajaniemi/FI, University of Oulu

Architect (M.Sc.), D.Sc. (Tech), lighting designer and researcher Henrika Pihlajaniemi lectures and teaches Architectural and Urban Lighting in the Oulu School of Architecture (OSA), University of Oulu. She played a leading role in establishing architectural lighting education in the curricula in 2003. In the years 1999 to 2005 and 2011 to 2013, she worked as project leader and researcher on several research projects concerning daylighting, housing façades, participatory design and adaptive lighting in the Department of Architecture at the University of Oulu.
In 2016, Henrika defended her doctoral thesis “Designing and experiencing adaptive lighting – case studies with adaptation, interaction and participation”. She recently headed the “SenCity – Intelligent lighting as a service platform for innovative cities” project in the Oulu School of Architecture. She has also worked as a visiting researcher in the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and at Aalborg University Copenhagen, in the Lighting Design research group. Currently, she works in OSA as a post-doctoral researcher funded by the Academy of Finland. Her research is related to intelligent lighting and well-being in learning and working environments. Additionally, she works as a lighting design consultant in her architectural office (M3 Architects). Her realised projects include intelligent and adaptive lighting, urban lighting, public and residential buildings, light art and luminaires. She and M3 Architects have received numerous prizes in national and international architectural and urban design competitions.