Katia Kolovea/GR/UK

Light as a medium to enhance communication in urban spaces

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 12:15

Excluding branding communication, advertisements and billboards, this research focuses on sociopolitical, environmental and health issues. In a world which has been going through a period of social, environmental and political turmoil, with global warming, terrorism, racism, infectious diseases and so on, light provides a new means of direct and non-verbal communication between societies.
This thesis attempts to present significant reasons and arguments that designate light as a basic communication tool, suitable to dynamically contribute to transferring messages and information in sociopolitical, environmental and health-related fields. The research concludes with the aspiration for a more conscious use of this communicative “language” in the urban realm.
How can lighting designers use light as a tool to inspire people to take action? The world needs a medium that raises awareness in a neutral way. It is very important that urban space encourages us to engage and care about our communities. Let us dive deeper and investigate the many aspects of light as a fundamental and meaningful communication medium.

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Katia Kolovea/GR/UK

Katia Kolovea studied Interior Design in Greece and Spain before gaining a Master in Architectural Lighting Design at KTH University in Sweden.

She was a finalist for the SLL Young Lighter of the Year 2018 where she received the award for the best presentation. Currently she lives in London working as Lighting Designer in Urban Electric.

She loves public speaking, sharing ideas in her archifos personal blogand collaborating in exciting projects, such as Women in Lighting, to inspire people and raise awareness for the lighting design profession.