Magdalena Gomez/MX/UK

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Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 17:45

Not all workspaces are the same. Not all clients are the same either. Therefore, workspace design is far from being straightforward. The speaker will provide a checklist covering the relevant questions to be posed to clients, and observations that help understand how the space is to be used. Reference will be made to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the visual tasks to be performed in the space, the emotional and biological effects to be achieved, and energy efficiency issues. Examples will be shown of realised projects based on the process described.

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Magdalena Gomez/MX/UK, Elektra Lighting Design

Originally trained as an architect with a special focus on Urban Planning, Magdalena Gomez moved into the field of Lighting Design early in her career. She now has over 14 years’ lighting design experience. Around seven years ago, she joined Elektra Lighting with the goal of expanding the business. Magdalena is now an Associate at Elektra.

Her passion for lighting and her drive to deliver creative, purposeful solutions has led her to realise projects in several countries around the world. A number of her projects have received international awards, such as the UK Lighting Design Awards in the Hospitality category. Magdalena enjoys the broad range of projects she works on, relentlessly seeking new knowledge and sources of inspiration. She loves new challenges and being able to share her experience with others.