Majid Miri/IR/ES & Simon Nyström/SE

Lessons learnt from BIM-based lighting design projects

Presentation date: 25. October
Presentation time: 17:45

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Majid Miri/IL/SE, Sweco Architects

Majid Miri studied Architectural Engineering at the Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran/IR, gradtuating with an MSc in 2003. In 2007, he moved to Sweden to study Architectural Lighting Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, where he gained his MSc in 2008.
Since 2010 his main focus in the field of lighting has been daylighting, and he has worked for renowned design practices such as Ljusarkitektur (part of ÅF Lighting since October 2013) and, to this day, with Sweco Architects as their Dayight Specialist. Majid is also a guest lecturer on the KTH Architectural Lighting programme.

Introduced by

Simon Nyström/SE, Sweco Architects

Simon Nyström studied Product Design in Jönköping/SE and gained his first work experience at an electrical engineering company in Stockholm before working as a lighting designer at WSP AB in Sweden for a year. In 2017, he joined Sweco Architects AB as a Lighting Designer, and since then has been involved in the planning and design of a wide range of interior and exterior projects of different scales.