Prof. Mary-Anne Kyriakou/AU/DE

Structured design

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 12:15

The speaker will explain her approach to practice-orientated learning in lighting studies. The process of learning by doing by carrying out lighting surveys, exchanging information with the client and fellow members of the design team and then building daylight models to test and evaluate concepts is invaluable to the process of preparing a good lighting design plan. Structured design – which includes the process of model construction and site investigation – can help solve design problems and minimize environmental damage.

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Prof. Mary-Anne Kyriakou/AU/DE, University of Applied Sciences OWL

Mary-Anne Kyriakou has been a full-time professor at the University of Applied Sciences OWL, Germany since 2013 and lectures on Architectural Lighting, and Lighting planning and design.

In 2020, the university will be offering a new Master’s programme in Lighting Design in cooperation with the DIAL lighting institute based in Lüdenscheid/DE.

Mary-Anne is a practising lighting designer for MAK Productions and is based in Detmold/DE.

Mary-Anne was previously employed as the lighting director for the Australian consulting engineering company Meinhardt.

In 2009, Mary-Anne founded the Vivid Light Festival Sydney, and in 2010 the Marina Bay Light Festival, Singapore.