Melissa Byers/UK

Harry Potter in the office lighting – the search for a new reality

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 15:15

The paper will raise an awareness of the journeys of other art forms whilst encouraging contemplation on how this can be related to lighting. Lighting designers will be inspired to consider new ways to approach the lighting of spaces which historically regularly follow a ‘set approach.’ It will also provoke thought about how lighting designers need to continually question information and approaches to ensure they give purpose and meaning to their work.

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Melissa Byers/UK, Michael Grubb Studio

Melissa Byers is a Lighting Designer at Michael Grubb Studio. Since joining she has worked on an array of projects including art installations, festive lighting, retail and public realm, as well as embarking on a lighting research project with a major UK charity.

Melissa previously worked as a cinematographer in 2D and as a stereographer in 3D for both film and television. Her experience of working with light and using narrative to develop themes around depth and space made Lighting Design a natural career progression.

As a stereographer, she worked on Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar and BAFTA winning film “Gravity” and on two BAFTA winning natural history films presented by David Attenborough.

As a cinematographer, she worked on Tim Burton’s animated feature “Corpse Bride”, as well as shooting promos for brands including Google, BT, Land Rover, Orange, Audi, and Amnesty International.

Her other passions are sailing and the sea. She has sailed across The Atlantic and most recently around Panama and through the Panama Canal.