Melissa Mak/UK

Green light – relationship and design considerations between light and green infrastructure

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 16:15

The paper provides design guidelines and helps lighting designers and urban planners to consider both the benefits and constraints of green infrastructure and lighting in order to enable best practice and promote the drive towards sustainable cities together by developing and realising a more holistic design that addresses the needs of both nature and humans. It encourages engagement from the lighting design community and commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Melissa Mak/UK, Arup Lighting

Melissa Mak is a Senior Lighting Designer at Arup’s London Lighting Studio. She has a Master’s degree in Architectural Lighting from the University College London. To her, light is an indispensable design ingredient and has the magic to transcend the environment and create a different dimension and perception.

Melissa has realised many international lighting design projects across a wide range of business sectors: commercial buildings, education buildings, landscape, public realm and lighting master planning. These projects including The Shard in London, the London Bridge Quarter, the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge, Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, Doha. Apart from this, Melissa also plays an active role in fostering creative design culture within lighting team at Arup.
She is passionate about nature and fascinated by the design of creation. She often draws inspiration from it to fuel her design creativity. She has taken a diploma course on Plant Growth and Development at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in London. This has provided her with a better understanding of the relationship between plants and light. Melissa strongly believes that the designer has an important role to play in shaping a better environment – with the aim of achieving harmony and the symbiosis of man and nature.