Partner Association AIDI

Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione

We are happy to announce that AIDI has accepted to be a Partner Association of PLDC 2019.

Since its founding in 1959, AIDI has been continuously disseminating scientific, technical and cultural information aimed at raising awareness of lighting-related issues. AIDI has local sections throughout Italy and has always been an ambassador of the modern Italian culture of light, as well as a witness of the rich history of its members from a wide variety of backgrounds, whose commitment has not only contributed to the creation and development of the association, but has also helped the Italian lighting industry gain a leading position on the market.

The „Culture of light” is a message that cannot be ignored. It means acknowledging the role light plays in our everyday lives. Good lighting enhances the quality of life and promotes better working conditions and safety at the workplace.

AIDI has established a series of study committees and commissions. The association nurtures cooperation with different agencies, associations, research centres, and national and international commissions which are directly or indirectly involved in the study and application of light. After more than fifty years in the field, AIDI sees itself as a privileged mediator between the industry, businesses, the academic world and institutions.