Partner Association CLDA

Chinese Lighting Designer Association

We are happy to announce that the Chinese Lighting Designer Association has accepted to be a Partner Association of PLDC 2019.

The Chinese Lighting Designer Association (CLDA) was formed voluntarily by the industry’s designers and professionals. It was started in 2008 by Aladdin Lighting Network and other highly experienced lighting designers. It follows closely the rules of the International Lighting Designer Association and the European Lighting Designer to define strict membership admission criteria and activity guidelines.

  • CLDA aims to elevate the professional standard of the Chinese lighting designers, enhance the social standing of the Chinese lighting designers, strengthen industry self-regulation, promote exchanges amongst designers, and facilitates the development of the lighting industry. Membership is open to all those Chinese globally, who are engaged in lighting design and related work, or who are lighting design enthusiasts.
  • CLDA calls on our lighting designers to learn together, to achieve higher goals, and to share our resources
  • CLDA strongly urges our lighting designers to jointly elevate our standing, and to reap the deserved rewards together
  • CLDA hopes to make use of the spirit of collective research and group strength, to bring about the latest information, techniques, and the confluence of experience. To improve the design quality of every lighting design enthusiast, seek business opportunities, and fill any resource gap