Partner Event Balkan Light 2018

Balkan Light 2018

We are happy to announce that Balkan Light 2018 has accepted to be a Partner Event of PLDC 2019.

BALKAN LIGHT 2018 is the VII Balkan conference on Lighting, where current problems in lighting and lighting equipment will be examined and discussed.


BALKAN LIGHT 2018 will enable all experts in lighting from Balkan countries as well as from European and other countries to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of lighting and the lighting technology in the beginning of 21st century.

Previous Balkan Light conferences were held in the following years and locations: 1999 Varna (Bulgaria), 2002 Istanbul (Turkey), 2005 Cluj-Napoca (Romania), 2008 Ljubljana (Slovenia) 2012 Belgrade (Serbia) and 2015 Athens (Greece).


The Conference will be held June 4–6, 2018 in the Sofia Hall of the INTERPRED WTC Sofia, in Sofia, Bulgaria.


–    Energy efficiency in lighting

–   Vision and color

–    Technology and Methodology of Physical Measurements of Optical

–    Radiation

–    Design and ergonomics in lighting technology

–    Lighting and signaling in transport

–     Lighting – indoor, outdoor street, tunnel, museum and special

–     Photobiology and photochemistry

–    General aspects of lighting – terminology. Standardization in lighting

–    Light pollution

–    Using solar radiation

For more information please visit:  www.balkanlight.org


The Balkan Light Conference is organized by the non-profit association Bulgarian National Committee on Illumination (BNCI).

The main aims of the association are:

  1. Solving of current problems in the field of illumination technology and related legal regulations;

  2. Disseminating of knowledge within the expert community by organizing of public discussions;

  3. Organizing and managing of international events and maintaining relations to other organizations in the scientific field of illumination technology.