Partner Institute Lighting Design School

Lighting Design School

We are happy to announce that The Lighting Design School (LiDS) has accepted to be a Partner Institute of PLDC 2019.

The LiDS is a lighting design school in Russia that was developed from a project headed by Sergey Sizy in the form of a lecture course within the educational programme of the British Higher School of Art and Design. LiDS aims to provide a full spectrum of knowledge in the field of lighting design. The programme allows students to select topics they regard as interesting and useful for them, thus aligning to the needs of professionals and people entering the lighting profession. It combines practice and theory. According to this concept, the lit environment should not only provide conditions to perform visual tasks by, but also take into account the practical and emotional experience of the users in the space, the preferred ambience.

The mission of the Lighting Design School (LiDS) is to raise the quality of lighting design by generating, accumulating, and transmitting real knowledge that can enable designers to use light to shape the environment and meet human needs.


LiDS representatives accepting the third prize in the design ideas competition The future of urban lighting at the PLDC 2017 Gala Dinner.