Partner Institute MARKHI

Moscow Institute of Architecture

We are happy to announce that the Moscow Institute of Architecture has accepted to be a Partner Institute of PLDC 2019.

The Moscow Architectural Institute (MARKHI) – State Academy has 250-year history and has always been the leading architectural institution in the country. During the past several decades MARKHI has trained highly qualified specialists for architectural schools in Russia as well as for other schools of post-Soviet states. MARKHI maintains contacts with numerous architectural and art institutes abroad.

MARKHI has now been accredited by UNESCO-UIA. Today there are 2000 students in the Institute and another 800 on the evening courses. Among them are students from Russia, countries of the ex-Soviet Union, Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

The course of study lasts five years for a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, or Bachelor of Arts in Architecture specializing in the Design of the Architectural Environment, and seven years for a Master of Arts in Architecture. Training architects to develop a broad profile also includes studying a variety of subjects in corresponding departments: town planning, architecture of residential and public buildings, architecture of industrial buildings, architecture of rural settlements, theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of buildings, landscape architecture, regional planning and town master plans, principles of town planning theory, design of the architectural environment.

The Institute also trains post-graduates who are required to write an appropriate scientific thesis and defend it before the Specialized Scientific Council. Successful candidates are awarded the Candidate of Architecture degree (equivalent to the PhD in the West). During the 65 years of the Institute’s existence it has trained over 12 thousand architects. The teaching staff of the Institute comprises approximately 400 full time teachers, including 138 professors and associate professors. 66 per cent of the teaching staff hold a PhD.