Partner University Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University

We are happy to announce that the Eastern Mediterranean University has accepted to be a Partner University of PLDC 2019.

Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek, Dean:

“The Faculty of Architecture of the Eastern Mediterranean University, established in 1991, offers an academic spectrum in ten programs ranging from undergraduate to PhD levels. The Faculty embodies a ‘colour and lighting’ course as a core course in the Department of Interior Architecture and as an elective course in the Department of Architecture. Various research studies on ‘lighting’ are conducted in the Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urban Design graduate programs. The Faculty of Architecture trains innovative professionals and academics to develop a contemporary approach to design, while simultaneously being aware of local and environmental values and assets. The Faculty adopts a holistic educational approach, which combines theory and practice. Design as a mode of thought, creativity and discovery, as well as a professional skill, forms the core of the Faculty’s academic philosophy. Both departments in the Faculty, Architecture and Interior Architecture, are nationally and internationally recognized through successful graduates in various positions in both design practice and academia.  The ‘interactive studio’, as an arena for critical thinking, provides a milieu for addressing social, technical and environmental issues around a real-time and real-life project, through the recreation and discussion of the spatial dimension of the built environment including issues related to lighting.”