Partner University Rome – La Sapienza

Master in Lighting Design at Sapienza University of Rome

We are happy to announce that the University of Rome La Sapienza has accepted to be a Partner University of PLDC 2019.

The Master in Lighting Design MLD at Sapienza University of Rome is very pleased to support the aims and activities of the PLDC. The MLD was born in order to respond to the increasing demand coming from Italian and foreign specialists in the design and project management areas of the lighting field. The Master’s goal is to train professional lighting designers and lighting project managers to cope with technological challenges and the expressive complexity of urban and contemporary projects. To fulfil this goal, MLD invites visiting professors from all over the world (Yann Kersalé  is currently conducting a workshop) and  involves students in activities on the field, e.g. a study, commissioned by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, together with the Colosseum Special Superintendence, aimed at defining design guidelines for  lighting solutions compatible with the nature of the Colosseum. Therefore, we think it is a great opportunity to make the PLDC known and we will encourage our current and former students as well as all the teaching staff to take part in this major event.