PLDC 2019 – showcase for the future

PLDC 2019 – showcase for the future

“merging mastermindsʺ for enhanced lighting design

Anyone who is able to pool the strengths and know-how of experts has a greater chance of being successful. In today’s working world, everyone needs to be able to specialise in a particular field and communicate what his/her scope of work entails. Hardly any other field of work is subject to such changes as architectural lighting design is. Light plays a key role in architecture and related fields. The lighting designer has to take energy issues, environmental impact, health, interaction and communication, and much more into account. And given the digital technologies available today, lighting design needs to involve experts from all these fields, whereby the lighting designer needs to be able to coordinate and integrate all required aspects into his/her design vision. The lighting designer and his/her new superordinate role in the realisation of appropriate solutions…

“merging mastermindsʺ is a call for a modified, state-of-the-art way of working in the field of lighting design. “merging mastermindsʺ is the motto of this year’s Professional Lighting Design Convention – PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam/NL, a European metropolis of art and architecture. No other event worldwide brings so many lighting designers and enthusiasts together to share information and ideas about the market and current trends as PLDC does.

This year we have again put together a programme that truly reflects the latest topics and issues affecting the industry, inviting discussion and debate. What is HCL really all about? Is there a difference between media architecture and architectural lighting? To what degree is the lighting designer responsible for human health? And of course: how can the creativity inherent to lighting design survive given all the constraints and issues at stake? What trends can we expect will develop in the next two years?

All these topics will be addressed in the more than 80 presentations, keynotes, moderated discussions, workshops, excursions, Experience Rooms, and during the social events. But this year you can again expect to be confronted have some new programme elements – ideas that no other conference would even dream of coming up with.

Furthermore, this year PLDC will again serve as a platform for discussion on and around the profession. At PLDC 2007 in London/UK, a Declaration on establishing Lighting Design as a profession was read out to a room packed with PLDC attendees. At PLDC 2019, we will be staging a 45-minute plenary session, offering the design community the chance to restart the effort to gain official recognition for the profession. What better place to re-address this topic than at the world’s largest gathering of lighting designers? Hardly any fundamental progress has been made in the last few years, and yet it appears that the industry as a whole is just waiting for someone to take the initiative…

Take a look at the programme for PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam. We are sure you will be inspired. And make sure you don’t miss the Early Registration phase when tickets are available at reduced rates, and you can be sure not to miss out on any part of the programme! We are expecting PLDC 2019 to be sold out – as it was the case two years ago at PLDC in Paris…

By Joachim Ritter