Ralph Kensmann/DE

Retail lighting with online remote access to control and dimming

Presentation date: 24. October
Presentation time: 16:45

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Ralph Kensmann/DE, start.design GmbH

Ralph Kensmann is the Managing Partner of start.design GmbH, based in Essen/DE, a design practice dedicated to developing creative solutions based on well-founded know-how in the fields of architectural lighting and engineering. A key focus of their work is retail space – of different shapes and sizes. Ralph and his team are respected as leaders in this field.

Ralph studied Electrical Engineering, specialising in lighting technology. He has given many lectures, and headed a wide range of courses and projects at different universities and research institutions, including daylight design and realisation at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Dortmund, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.