Re-embarking on the process to define and gain recognition for the profession

PLDC 2007: the Declaration is read out to the lighting design community

Re-embarking on the process to define and gain recognition for the profession …

Plenary session to be held at PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam to encourage the emergence of a new international movement.

The motto of the very first PLDC in London in 2007 was: a milestone. Which it was, especially with regard to Lighting Design as a profession. Never before had so many lighting designers been gathered in one room. Together they then witnessed the historic moment when the Declaration on the state of the profession was read out and thus the first step made towards defining and establishing Lighting Design as a profession in its own right. A moving moment indeed, that sent shivers down the spines of many! The resolution was adopted by a large majority of those present, and in the following years translated into many different languages. As we all know, it takes a long time to establish a profession. But even the longest of journeys begins with a first step.

What was important was that from that time on there was a general consensus on the significance of the profession, and that this was to serve as a basis for further political effort. Unfortunately, this process and initiative was terminated abruptly in 2012 by those responsible at the time. Since then, no structured international collaboration or coordinated political effort has been undertaken to establish the profession, although to this day many lighting designers dearly miss working side by side with colleagues in the association back then and committing to this initiative …

Given the numerous and recurring requests from the lighting design community over recent years, the PLDC 2019 Steering Committee have decided to launch a fresh attempt to enable the emergence of an international group who are prepared to actively represent the move to re-embark on gaining official recognition for the profession.

But none of this makes any sense unless the lighting world itself, primarily the lighting designers of course, decide to pick this up and run with it. Which is why the lighting design community will be given the opportunity to discuss and vote on this on the occasion of the world’s largest lighting design convention. Following an update on the status quo, and some comments and brief presentations from experienced lighting designers, a strategy for moving forward will be outlined and the requirements that need to be met addressed. At the close of the session, and with the aid of a voting app, all present will be invited to decide on whether they are for the proposal to re-embark on the process to gain recognition for the profession.

This will allow every lighting designer to express his/her opinion and vote accordingly to decide democratically on the future of the profession.

The result will show whether the lighting design community can gain the necessary momentum to work to obtain the recognition that a responsible profession deserves.

Which is why it makes sense to do your best to be part of this plenary session. This is a point in time when new initiatives are being born or defined to determine whether the lighting design community are content with the current status quo and can remain so in future.

Joachim Ritter

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