Sharon Stammers/UK

Women in lighting

Presentation date: 24. October
Presentation time: 11:15

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Sharon Stammers/UK, Light Collective

Sharon is one half of Light Collective which in conjunction with Martin Lupton, has a creative portfolio of work that houses more than architectural lighting design and has grown to encompass many innovative projects which include light art installations, marketing projects, competitions, curated exhibitions, lighting awards, branding, trade stands and shows, epic parties, pop up events, guerrilla lighting, community projects, light education and light activism. Clients have ranged from the small to the large scale: designing for a school in Glasgow to a shopping mall in Kuwait, lighting an exhibition at the Museum of London to inventing an app for Phillips…

Light Collective are based in the UK but have worked all over the world; creating light in the snow in Finland or in the heat of Kenya…

Light Collective also has a passion for documenting light. You can find our films on Light Collective TV.