Shashank Singal/IN/US

Daylight as a tangible determinant of architectural design

Presentation date: 24. October

Presentation time: 16:45

Cities are great cultural, economic mixers that force people of varied backgrounds to live close to one another. Large cities are constantly evolving. One reason for this is the constant need to accommodate more people, hence tear down old buildings and build taller buildings and create increasingly dense areas. In this ever growing need for space, climatic considerations, primarily daylighting, often get overlooked.

This paper presents a method for embedding daylighting considerations as a tangible factor in the design of architecture. Various factors including the interior and exterior use of available daylight, glare prevention and daylight harvesting techniques are considered in the development of a points system for ranking buildings for their skilled use of available daylight, which is ultimately converted into subsidies or taxes, encouraging architecture to be conscious of its occupants as well as its context.

Shashank Singal/IN/US, BuroHappold Engineering

Shashank Singal holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi and a Master of Fine Arts in Lighting Design from Parsons The New School for Design. In June 2018 he started working for Buro Happold, where he is part of the architectural lighting design team working on institutional projects, museums and office buildings, also analyzing daylight in the same buildings.