Svetlana Degtiarev/RU

Developing a sensory jacket, reflecting human emotions via bodily senses

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 16:15

It is a well-known fact that emotions we experience sink into our minds and resonate inside our body as fond (or unpleasant) memories. Sensory feelings are the only thing that we hide inside ourselves. Developing an interactive jacket that can reveal inner emotive echoes is an attempt to ask yourself – how can bodily senses and emotional memory enhance our emotional interpretation in a social world? The project uses base layers comprising sensors and LED strips with pixel addressing. This layer shows sensory stimulus in the form of a matrix. Pulse and temperature sensors control body parameters and send values to the controller, which are transformed into coloured LED light, revealing an overall image on the outer surface of the diffuse material.


Svetlana Degtiarev/RU

Svetlana Degitareva’s academic career began at the University of Cinema and Television. Since she was interested in creating lighting effects, Svetlana studied for a Master in Creative Lighting from ITMO University.