Tapio Rosenius/FI/ES & Michael Beckert/ DE/NO

Design collaboration in the digital age

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 10:15

Anti-disciplinary at is best, this experimental lecture performance will illustrate what design collaboration in the digital age can look like. Will our traditional role models, education and skills suffice to cope with rising challenges? Tapio Rosenius and Michael Beckert will take the stage to perform target-oriented playfulness. The presentation will summarise the practical aspects of digital design collaboration against the background of today’s discussions on smart buildings, data-driven technology and digitalisation.

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Tapio Rosenius/FI/ES, Skandal Technologies

Tapio Rosenius is a Finnish designer, innovator, artist and entrepreneur, workingwith light as a medium for architectural collaborations, digital interventions, product innovation and art.
His work seeks to create tangible connections between artificial light, digital futures, biomimetic and the human experience.
He is the founder of Lighting Design Collective, a thought-leading international lighting design practice with studios in Madrid, Helsinki and London. Among his most outstanding projects with Lighting Design Collective, SILO486 in Helsinki represents a new vision of poetic digital lighting for urban icons, while the “Light Over Time” luminaire and software range represent the first digital system designed for and produced by Artemide, Milan.
He is currently also the CEO of Skandal Technologies, a new technology start-up developing Ambient Communication systems for built environment.
Tapio is a pioneer in the use of biomimetic lighting control in the built environment and continues to develop systems, masterplans, visions and technologies related to this field.
In 2014, he co-created the “Think-in-a-Tank” lighting research programme, which takes place yearly during the Helsinki Design Week, and is actively involved in EU-wide research programmes and events.
His work has been recognised in the fields of lighting design, architecture and art, including the Media Architecture Biennale Award and the IALD Award of Excellence. His recent publications include “Create the Livable City”, 2014, London, and the seminal PLDA paper, “Lighting Design Practice 2020”, presented in Rome. He has served as Guest Academic Director of Advanced Lighting Design at ETSAM University in Madrid, and acts as a visiting critic for UPC Barcelona. Tapio lives and works in Madrid and in Helsinki.

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Michael Beckert/DE/NO, Snøhetta

Michael Beckert studied Architecture in Dresden/DE and in Barcelona/ES. He has continuously extended his expertise in over 15 years of practising architecture, and in leading and coordinating multicultural teams of architects and engineers in world-renowned architecture studios, as well as while running his own studios in Germany and Austria. His practice was awarded scholarships in Italy and Austria. Michael joined Snøhetta in 2013.

Since the beginning of his career as an architect, Michael has been mastering his skills working on projects with a strong focus on public society, starting with the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, and continuing with the European Central Bank project in Frankfurt and the Central Bank of Azerbaijan in Baku. As a Project Partner, Michael has set up and driven a branch office in Azerbaijan, where he headed teams providing architectural services for a number of projects in Baku.

Back in 2014, Michael headed Snøhetta’s architectural competition team inventing an all new public transportation system in Jeddah/ KSA based on a Wayfinding by Architecture principle. Today he is Project Director at Snøhetta for the Qasr Al-Hokum iconic metro station in Riyadh/KSA, the Makkah Metro Line C and the Ain Dubai Terminal Building.