Thomas Paterson/MX

 Environmental lighting design in absence of regulation. A case study: lighting design for turtle nesting areas

Presentation date: 25. October
Presentation time: 17:45

Thomas Paterson’s paper presents the development of a lighting design strategy and internal regulation for a Mediterranean coastal area masterplan with a protected turtle nesting area. In absence of applicable national and local regulation, the client sought to create an internal regulation addressing the correct mitigation of lighting and other impacts on sea turtles, while creating a structure that allowed governmental oversight and validation by third party NGOs.  This approach addresses issues of international treaties, local community requirements, positive development, and of course, active and effective protection of the sea turtle population.

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Thomas Paterson/MX, Lux Populi

Thomas Paterson, principal of Lux Populi, is a lighting designer, educator and engineer. He splits his time between offices in Mexico City and Oxford, leading a multidisciplinary team of designers, architects and environmental designers who have won numerous awards for projects around the world. Over the years, Lux Populi has delivered projects on protected beaches around the world, and has been sought out to develop new thinking on the relationship between light and turtles.