Tobias Wursthorn/DE

Converging media and lighting technology

Presentation date: 25. October
Presentation time: 12:15

This paper deals with convergent working methods in the design and development processes of media installations in the broadest sense. The methods and processes used in the projects described feature a convergent approach and make use of approaches from other disciplines. Convergence refers to the direct exchange during the design concept phase and when it comes to the alignment and accommodation of the methods and techniques applied.

Tobias Wursthorn/DE, Intermediate Engineering Gmbh

Tobias Wursthorn studied Media Technology (Dipl.Ing.) at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg/DE. Since 2000, Tobias has been working as a freelance video and sound designer as well as a video and sound engineer, among others for Peter Zadek and many industrial customers and theatre projects. From 2006 onwards, the focus of his work became projects with a high degree of convergence between the (media) technical disciplines (light, sound, video) and the classical IT and engineering sciences. The development of special structures and conceptual planning activities consequently led to the founding of Intermediate Engineering GmbH in 2011.

As the technically creative head of the company, he has conceived, developed and managed a wide range of projects. Among other projects, he was significantly involved in the development and implementation of the award-winning media facade of the Klubhaus St.Pauli in Hamburg.

Today Tobias Wursthorn is still a partner of Intermediate Engineering Gmbh, but left the management in 2018 to be able to focus more on research and new technical approaches and to pursue his own projects with high convergent conceptual content. He is a conceptionist, creative coder, engineer … and always hungry for something new.