Vice Lighting is back

Design of international acclaim

Vice Lighting is the result of more than 60 years of lighting engineering, production and design expertise, driven by a need to design industry-defining spec-grade linear lighting solutions for lighting professionals.

With their versatile approach, Vice Lighting offer an exclusive array of performing optics designed for each respective application (wallwashing, wall grazing, accent and general lighting), supporting a combination of powerful outputs as well as mounting options for interior and exterior scenarios.

Every product is the result of cutting-edge product development offering an optimal combination of light quality, glare-control, aesthetic design and efficiency.

The brand’s innovative statement has been confirmed by  boards of experts, leading to prestigious recognition in the German design and the Light Middle East and the Red Dot Design award schemes. Behind this success is a team of lighting and industrial designers, architects and engineers, who take pride in creating the customisable spec-grade systems capable of meeting the requirements of virtually every project and in developing innovative custom-made solutions for creative illumination scenarios.

Based in Lebanon, Vice Lighting has a global presence through its regional offices and R&D centres in the USA and Paris.