What makes PLDC so different?

What makes PLDC so different?

Third reason: Different market players are present so you can meet everyone you need to meet to discuss your personal development and market trends.

Partner associations, universities, media partners, clients, partners from the lighting industry and politicians – everyone interested in the profession will be present.

There are a number of conferences, fairs and gatherings on architectural lighting design that take place around the world in the course of a year. So why do so many lighting designers and lighting specialists appreciate PLDC so much and take the time to be part of this event? What is it that makes PLDC so special that some design practices close down altogether for almost one week to be able to attend?

Danish Minister for Building and Enivironment, Martin Lidegaard/DK in discussion at PLDC

The people who attend the Professional Lighting Design Convention are those who are concerned in one way or another with Lighting Design as a profession. Which is why more than 150 partners and institutions support PLDC as an event. There are reasons for this…

PLDC partners include
– 40 universities, 20 professional associations and 20 media partners, all endorsing the importance of PLDC for the market just by being there.

In Paris, the list of partners from the industry and further exhibitors looks like it will hit a new high. The 70 stands in the exhibition area, where PLDC attendees will be viewing and discussing the latest trends and innovations, will again symbolise forthcoming developments and design opportunities. Furthermore, activities will also be taking place in manufacturers’ showrooms in Paris, bringing key people together and activating the market.

Educators meeting representing the education world in lighting design.

And PLDC will also serve as a platform for designers looking for new design team members, or a new job opportunity. Face-to-face contact is part of the overall concept of the event. Under the motto “Creative minds prepared for the future” PLDC will be offering more than simply the chance to gain new contacts.

Professional issues and all you need to be a successful practising designer will be discussed and defined in collaboration with the associations and universities present. PLDC is the international platform for defining the next steps towards recognised expertise and an independent profession. In a plenary session at PLDC 2007 in London, a Declaration was made calling for steps to be taken to establish architectural lighting design as a profession. Now, in 2017 in Paris, ten years after the above-mentioned Declaration, we are expecting concrete insight to realise this goal. At PLDC we will be discussing what you need to know about your profession in the future.

An official CPD platform, which is one of the prerequisites for gaining recognition for a profession, will be launched. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development, and lighting designers at all stages of their career are encouraged to pursue CPD to continually expand their knowledge and skills, and thus support the efforts to gain political recognition for the profession.

PLDC in Paris is therefore set to accommodate discussion and debate, which will herald a new era for the lighting design world.

Discussions at PLDC 2013 in Copenhagen/DK.

More Reasons requested what makes PLDC so different?
First reason: Speakers you have never heard of in the lighting world – Alessandro Gobetti, Neil Harbisson, Riccardo Marini and others…
Second reason: New ideas are born and trends developed at PLDC – The Monza Method
Fourth reason: The selected papers and discussions reflect the future of the market and not the past – The way the PLDC programme is put together is globally unique.
Fifth reason: The lighting design community knows no borders.
The sixth reason: At PLDC you can witness product launches and revolutionary developments: SunLike launch by Seoul Semiconductor.