What makes PLDC so different?

What makes PLDC so different?

Ninth reason: PLDC is the largest gathering of architectural lighting designers, and reflects the market as it is – and as it will be.
–> No other lighting design conference attracts more colleagues and friends from the professional community.

There are a number of conferences, fairs and gatherings on architectural lighting design that take place around the world in the course of a year. So why do so many lighting designers and lighting specialists appreciate PLDC so much and take the time to be part of this event? What is it that makes PLDC so special that some design practices close down altogether for almost one week to be able to attend?

More than 1800 attendees will be coming to PLDC in Paris to share the latest knowledge, discuss technological developments, and learn where the future of lighting design and the lighting design profession is taking us all. PLDC is the only global convention of this size that expressly discusses and debates what needs to be done to establish the profession and to develop the practice of lighting design to new levels. This is the very reason why PLDC was initiated.

PLDC does not represent a special group or organisation within the market and is therefore completely independent. It is a platform for everyone interested in light – and in what expertise is required to design appropriate, user-oriented lighting solutions. Which again underlines the belief that there is a need for recognised qualified lighting design professionals.

Within the market, PLDC is known as the Thought Leadership Event in this field. PLDC is the place where ideas are generated, visions can become tangible reality, and manifestos are proclaimed and discussed. At the close of the event, the market has gained knowledge and strength.

By the way, the first event in 2007 in London attracted 1000 attendees. Since then, and including PLDC 2017 in Paris, we will have registered altogether 8500 attendees!

First reason: Speakers you have never heard of in the lighting world – Alessandro Gobetti, Neil Harbisson, Riccardo Marini and others…
Second reason: New ideas are born and trends developed at PLDC – The Monza Method
Third reason: Different market players are present so you can meet everyone you need to meet to discuss your personal development and market trends
Fourth reason: The selected papers and discussions reflect the future of the market and not the past – The way the PLDC programme is put together is globally unique.
Fifth reason: The lighting design community knows no borders.
The sixth reason: At PLDC you can witness product launches and revolutionary developments: SunLike launch by Seoul Semiconductor.
Seventh reason: At PLDC you experience locations, social gatherings and parties you will never forget.
Eighth reason: PLDC is always good for a few surprises