What makes PLDC so different?

What makes PLDC so different?

First reason: Speakers you have never heard of in the lighting world.

Riccardo Marini and Nil Harbisson at PLDC 2015 in Rome…

There are a number of conferences, fairs and gatherings on architectural lighting design that take place around the world in the course of a year. So why do so many lighting designers and lighting specialists appreciate PLDC so much and take the time to be part of this event? What is it that makes PLDC so special that some design practices close down altogether for almost one week to be able to attend?

Well, for a start is the standard and unique quality of the papers. No other conference can compete with PLDC when it comes to offering new knowledge and hitherto unknown speakers. The organisers are proud to be able to present some fascinating and high-ranking speakers who are as yet unknown in the lighting world.

These include speakers such as Alessandro Gobbetti, who gave an excellent and inspiring keynote at PLDC 2013 in Copenhagen. With a background in Architecture and Visual Effects, he has worked on film productions such as Avatar, Green Lantern and Gravity, designing special effects to create fantastic worlds and spaces. Every architect’s dream …

In Rome in 2015, PLDC welcomed a very special presenter. Nils Harbisson was born completely colour-blind and sees everything in greyscale. Via an antenna that was implanted in his head at the age of 21 he has been enabled to at least hear colours. As he explained what this means for him and what experience he has gathered over the years, some members of the audience were moved to tears. See here one of his TED-talks.


In Paris we will also be presenting a number of speakers who very few have heard of to date – but who they will never forget. For example:
– Martin Hofer, researcher at BMW, who will be sharing his ideas on the street as a screen for non-verbal communication
– Dr. Sergei Gepshtein/US from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
– Martin Bremer, Daimler Benz AG, sharing with us his thoughts about design beyond the car.
– Prof. Peter Andres and Tino Kwan, two lighting designers who both have a wealth of experience, but have seldom spoken in public
– Simon Ewings, Architect at Snøhetta
– Dr. John Lincoln, LightAware
Dr. Marco Bevolo, Bevolo Consulting
and many many others.

See here who featured as PLDC Keynote Speakers in past years: from Kai Uwe Bergmann to Andrew Whalley…

Which speakers do you still have in mind from past PLDC events? Let us know who left a lasting impression on you…

More Reasons requested what makes PLDC so different?
Second reason: New ideas are born and trends developed at PLDC – The Monza Method
Third reason: Different market players are present so you can meet everyone you need to meet to discuss your personal development and market trends
Fourth reason:
The selected papers and discussions reflect the future of the market and not the past – The way the PLDC programme is put together is globally unique.
Fifth reason: The lighting design community knows no borders.
The sixth reason: At PLDC you can witness product launches and revolutionary developments: SunLike launch by Seoul Semiconductor.
Seventh reason: At PLDC you experience locations, social gatherings and parties you will never forget.

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