The Perfect Light Experience screening

Citizen announces short film screening at PLDC 2019:

The Perfect Light Experience to be screened at PLDC in Rotterdam!

Friday, 25. October, 2019, 14.15, Room Flos

The Perfect Light Project continued into 2018 and we held a competition looking for people to help contribute to our ongoing ‘research’ into what exactly is the Perfect Light. We wondered if it was possible to look for and find a Perfect Light Experience.

When we say Perfect Light Experience, we mean a moment, an event or a space that is all about light that essentially blows us away with wonder. We created a search that included some nature, the city and some light art.

We had space for three guests to join us in our search for a Perfect Light Experience, which consisted of a four-night trip to Japan in June. We wanted people who are passionate about light and who we could offer the chance to experience, share and discuss light with us as part of our journey to find the Perfect Light. We asked them to upload a one-minute video describing a Perfect Light Experience they had had, or would like to have, for a chance to be be part of the experience.

Our winners were: Stuart Alexander, Francesco Anselmo and Alita Escobedo, who joined us and judges Florence Lam and Nayan Kulkarni.

We made a short film about the search.

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