Since the first PLDC in 2007, the globally recognised event has grown and developed with regard to the content and activities offered.

PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam will be built around a professional conference with four tracks, offering up 80 presented papers. Organised in four sessions per day, each session will be opened with an invited Keynote Speaker’s address.

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The conference programme also includes the final round of the young speakers competition The Challenge 2018/19.

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Time Pre-convention meetings
10:00 – 16:30

Cities’ Forum: Get smart training session for municipalities and related professionals – Part 2

10:15 –  13:00

Educators and Researchers’ Meeting

14:00 – 17:00

Workshop: TBC

14:30 – 17:00

Lighting Designers’ Associations’ Meeting (invitation only)

14:00 – 21:00


17:30 – 18:15

Press conference

PLDC events

20:00 – 23:00

Official opening reception + final warm-up

Time Lighting Application
Case Studies
Practice Issues
Philosophy & Debate Office & Retail
Keynote: Itai Palti/IL
Prof. Stefan Hofmann/DE

Burning Man – light and art in Black Rock City, Nevada

Brett Andersen/US

Guardian of the visual image – the lighting designer’s true role

Riccardo Marini/IT/UK

Why smart? Why not happy?

Marcel Dion/CA

Creating an analogue shopping experience

Reija Pasanen/FI

The lighting principles of the city’s waterfronts and routes in Helsinki/FI

Sharon Stammers/UK

Women in lighting

Daria Chirimisina/RU & Yulia Lyubakova/RU

Lumen Anthropophilicus

Evangelia Rentziou/GR

Retail lighting design: consumer approach techniques

Norbert Wasserfurth/DE & David Kosdruy/DE

Intelligent light space

Roberto Corradini/IT

They said no!

Jonathan Rush/UK

Are we still lighting designers?

Deniz Uyaniker/TK/SG

The neuroscience of shopping and how to enhance the lighting design

Janet Echelman/US
15:45 Plenary session for the Lighting Design Profession
Martin Klaasen/NL/SG & Ingmar Klaasen/AU

Lighting Design of Things

Kapil Surlakar/IN

Money can’t buy me love

Shashank Singal/IN/US

Daylight as a tangible determinant of architectural design

Ralph Kensmann/DE

Retail lighting with online remote access to control and dimming

Abhay Whadwa/IN/US

Lighting design in remote areas: approaches and solutions

Dr. Ruth Kelly Waskett/UK

Daylight in buildings

Thorsten Bauer/DE

The social dimension of lighting design in the today’s digital age


Evening get-together
Time Lighting Application
Case Studies
Practice Issues
Research Office & Retail
Keynote: TBC
Prof. Jan Blieske/DE

Lighting heritage projects à la Venice Charter

Dr. Amardeep Dugar/IN & Jane Slade/US

Slow Design – can this standardise the fast-paced world of IoT and connected lighting

Iris Dijkstra/NL

RASA: Rotterdam Academy of City Astronauts creating awareness of the dark city through nightlabs

Paul Traynor/UK &  Paloma Plumed-Martin/UK

Light builds brands

Dr. Mette Hvass/DK

Light in the urban nightscape – an architectural potential explored through scenographic frameworks

Dr. Stephen Cannon-Brookes/UK

Lighting the chapel of St Antonin, Toulouse: the first application of Bluetooth Mesh

Jim Collin/SE

Digital lighting – an analogue way to save the world by a beautiful approach

Inessa Demidova/UK

Learning successful night-time placemaking from self-appearing urban environments

Dr. Thomas Schielke/DE

How Apple strives for the perfect sky and revives cities

Tatiana de Albuquerque Ferreira/BR

Between poetics and stigmas, a plural view of the nocturnal experience

Tobias Ziegler/DE

OLED Light Cloud – disrupting daily routines

Tobias Wursthorn/DE

Converging media and lighting technology

Annika Jägerbrand/SE

Effects of LED lighting on animals and the natural environment and recommendations to minimise the impact

Greta Smetoniute/UK

Educating retail clients

Daria Casciani/IT

How lighting can affect social cognition and behaviours

Keynote: Prof. Dr. Jan Rotmans/NL
William Gagnon/CA & Isabel Villar/SE

Aurora Borealis: Turning Yellowknife (Northwest Territories, Canada) into a Dark Sky City to promote aurora tourism and environmental awareness

Iain Ruxton/UK

Up a Bit, down a Bit – lighting control isn’t rocket science

Victor Angelo Gonzalez/PH/DE

Light for healing the mind, body and soul

Dean Skira/HR

Evolution Tower

Alberto Loyo Montoya/MX

Artificial lighting regulations for people with low vision

Giovanni Traverso/IT &  Paola Vighy/IT

Corte Bertesina Social Farm – daylight, dark sky, human wellbeing

Virginie Nicolas/FR

And the winner 2028 for the best lighting design is… AI

Dr. Emrah Baki Ulas/TR/AU

Towards a new light on art

Paul Boken/CA

Lighting the modern high-tech office – re-imagining the working environment

Dr. Alp Durmus/TR/AU

Museum lighting revisited

Thomas Paterson/MX

 Environmental lighting design in absence of regulation. A case study: lighting design for turtle nesting areas

Majid Miri/IR/ES & Simon Nyström/SE

Lessons learnt from BIM-based lighting design projects

Raquel Rosildete/BR/DE

Culture, light and latitudes: a comparative study of lighting conditions and habits in Berlin, Brasília and Copenhagen

Magdalena Gomez/MX/UK

Work in progress

Georgios Triantafyllidis/GR

ΑΙ-empowered lighting style/atmosphere transfer

Time Lighting Application
Case Studies
Professional Practice Issues The Challenge Office & retail
Keynote: TBC
Daan Roosegaarde/NL

The language of light

Tapio Rosenius/FI/ES & Michael Beckert/DE/NO

Design collaboration in the digital age

Jessica Collier/US

Perception of metrics: the intersection of colour characteristics and qualities guided by preference

Star Davis/US

The intelligent evolution of work space

Carolina Florian/CO/UK

Lighting considerations for transport buildings in modern times

Mahdis Aliasgari/IR/ES

Dancing with wolves

Jennifer Tomkins/UK

The role of colour in a saturated world

Gillian Treacy/UK & Rachel Simmonds/UK

Cool light? A study of Modernist studios

Daniel Meyer/DE

S21 – two decades of working with light. Flashback, snapshot, and outlook

Mary-Anne Kyriakou/AU/DE

Structured design

Katia Kolovea/GR

Light as a medium to enhance communication in urban spaces

Ellen Kathrine Hansen/DK

Dynamic lighting in office environments creating a natural flow of light

Keynote: Marc Engenhart/DE
Sangil Na/KR

Lighting design for interplanetary environments

James Benya/US

The re-regulated future of lighting

Ece Ozerdem/TR

Improve light, improve life in refugee camps

Melissa Byers/UK

Harry Potter in the office lighting – the search for a new reality

Kevan Shaw/UK

Re-lighting the Scottish Parliament Building for the LED future

Melissa Mak/UK

Green light – relationship and design considerations between light and green infrastructure

Svetlana Degtiareva/RU

Developing a sensory jacket, reflecting human emotions via bodily senses

Ioannis Panagiotopoulos/GR

Environmentally responsible lighting design in the framework of corporate social responsibility

Kerem Asfuroglu/TR/UK

The unknown terrain

Werner Osterhaus/DE/DK

Lighting designers improve lighting energy performance through user-centred lighting design

Valeria Bencardino/IT

Capturing the lost pattern of natural light and shadows inside the museum

Henrika Pihlajaniemi/FI

Working in deep darkness – well-being through adaptive and intelligent lighting in underground spaces

PLDC Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner
After-show Party