Workshop “Elements: light & water”

Workshop “Elements: light & water”

Wednesday, 23. October, 2019, 09.00 – 15.00 at the Inntel Hotel Rotterdam Centre

The focus of this half-day workshop is how to work with lighting on water, in water and around water in a holistic way, acknowledging the possible effects of lighting and the importance of water features in architecture, interiors and landscape.

It will provide an overview of generic lighting concepts for water/underwater features, present general guidelines, and showcase possible lighting tools. Furthermore, it intends to show the potential of these elements within the overall lighting scheme, and present new conceptual approaches as well as technical developments on/around the topic. Technical and design-related limitations, restrictions and principles will be reviewed to open up alternative approaches and solutions for the development of more pleasant lighting schemes.

Ultimately, the format will offer a hands-on session, where effects, techniques and applications will be discussed, tested and innovative designs explored.

An energizing workshop spent with a group of around 20-25 designers to explore an unmatched approach to the elements water and light.

Target group:       LD professionals, architects, developers, possibly even PM (site management)

Educational benefits: General understanding of pool/water lighting principles, awareness of implications, restrictions and design principles, a better technical understanding of designing water features, an overview of new technology and application methods.

The workshop is fully booked.

The workshop will be hosted by

Workshop head: Paul Ehlert/DE

The workshop will be headed by lighting designer Paul Ehlert who was actively involved in the concept of this workshop. Paul is currently Head of Lighting at Lenum AG/LI and EK Energieonzepte AG/CH and has extensive project experience on lighting projects around the world.