Steering Committee Rotterdam 2019

The task of the PLDC Steering Committee is to implement the input and ideas put forward by the PLDC Advisory Board and the organisers. The PLDC Steering Committee decides on the detailed convention programme and the structure of the event, and realises the practical implementation. One member of the Steering Committee should be an experienced lighting designer from the country where the PLDC event is to be held. This person must be is familiar with the conditions and structures of the local market, be able to judge the feasibility and sense of the PLDC activities planned, and align plans with the input from the Advisory Board.

The PLDC Steering Committee is regrouped before every PLDC event. The organiser of PLDC is responsible for organising all Steering Committee meetings and for ensuring work is implemented, and shall bear any costs incurred as part of the PLDC budget.

The committee consists of three persons, ideally:

  • a representative from the publishing company/organisers
  • a representative from the field of education
  • a representative from the design community

The PLDC Steering Committee meets as often as required as part of the preparations for the forthcoming PLDC event.