Iris Dijkstra

Iris Dijkstra

 Iris Dijkstra finished her Masters degree in Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft ( “Design for Sustainability”) and since has specialized in lighting design.

In 2004 she founded Atelier LEK (Light-Energy-Color) a widely-oriented, independent design company that focusses on the quality of spacial (night) experiences: in public spaces, exterior and interior of buildings.

Atelier LEK works at a variety of levels: master plans (Arnhem City Centre), illuminating architecture and art (Janskerk in Utrecht, Witte de With, Rotterdam) and interior lighting. (Headoffice Randstad, Theatre LantarenVenster, Library Rotterdam). But also corporate identity and product-design are part of the palette of skills of our Atelier, such as the design of the Bicycle Chain for the 11 km cycling route on the RijnWaalpad and the award winning Central Plaza Rotterdam.

The Atelier is furthermore specialized in working with a range of different disciplines in an integrated design process. Light represented many values and is part of a larger whole. They therefore believe it is very important to work together with all involved disciplines and stakeholders to achieve the best quality and sustainability in the lighting plans.