Let’s all Get Smart together

Let’s all Get Smart together

PLDC 2019 pre-convention training sessions for municipalities and all involved in the planning and design of lighting in the urban realm

22.10.19 14.00 – 21.30 and 23.10.19 10.00 – 16.30

The objective:

At the end of the training session, participants will have gained an understanding of the importance and responsibilities involved in urban planning and evolving and amending lighting strategies / masterplans so that there is a positive context for designing lighting for and in the public realm. They will also gain an understanding of their role in the design process / decision-making and the impact that well designed lighting can have on people living and working in their towns and cities.

Learning formats:

Frontal presentations, work-in-progress statements, group work + discussion, debate, excursion, observation + evaluation processes.