Let’s all Get Smart together

Let’s all Get Smart together

PLDC 2019 pre-convention training sessions for municipalities and all involved in the planning and design of lighting in the urban realm

22.10.19, 14.00 – 21.30 and 23.10.19, 11.00 – 16.30

The objective:

At the end of the training session, participants will have gained an understanding of the importance and responsibilities involved in urban planning and evolving and amending lighting strategies / masterplans so that there is a positive context for designing lighting for and in the public realm. They will also gain an understanding of their role in the design process / decision-making and the impact that well designed lighting can have on people living and working in their towns and cities.

Learning formats:

Frontal presentations, work-in-progress statements, group work + discussion, debate, excursion, observation + evaluation processes.

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The Get Smart session is kindly sponsored by

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Time Tuesday, 22. October, 2019

Welcome and introductions


Understanding an urban landscape – defining the public realm.
The history and culture of a town/city, users at different times of the day/year: the value of caring for the night environment

Riccardo Marini and Thorsten Bauer


Work-in-progress reports

Annukka Larsen and Elisa Hillgen: Report from Jyväskälä/FI

The speakers will dive deep into the roots of a successful large-scale urban lighting strategy. Jyväskylä is the only city in Finland to have a lighting coordinator to guide the lighting process from the concept phase to the maintenance of the realised urban lighting. Over the years many tests and lighting trials have been undertaken to help citizens and municipal decision-makers understand the value of purposefully designed lighting.

Margherita de Nicola: Report from L’Aquila/IT

The speaker will report on the lighting designed for the town following the earthquake in 2009. The solution developed enables the light to be dimmed and the colour temperature changed from cool through to warm white light depending on the time of day/year and to suit human needs. The speaker will report on the impact of the lighting scheme for inhabitants and visitors.


The role of the municipality in the design process / decision-making

Riccardo Marini and Martin Valentine:
– How informed do municipal officials need to be?
– Where can they find the specialists required?
– Do they need to appoint a specialist?


Who is responsible for designing/planning urban space: 
Which disciplines/fields of expertise are involved

Itai Palti and Thorsten Bauer


Elettra Bordonaro and Don Slater: Instructions for the excursion


Coffee break with snacks

17:15 – 21:00

Excursion in Rotterdam
Observe the urban environments through the eyes of the users  followed by a “get-smart-together”, ending at 21.00

Elettra Bordonaro and Don Slater

Time Wednesday, 23. October, 2019

Welcome back and overview of the previous day


Who are we planning for – let’s talk about people
Involving the public in the design of the public realm

Elettra Bordonaro and Don Slater


What makes sense for our towns and cities – the need for collective awareness
Assessing the impact of lighting projects realised in the urban realm and amending strategies

Riccardo Marini, Itai Palti and Thorsten Bauer


Clarify group work session

Specialists will chair the discussions and gather questions to pose to the panel of experts to conclude the session. Attendees change tables every 15 minutes to have the chance to discuss every topic.


Lunch break


Group work

Topics for discussion

– The relevance of a catalogue of criteria for municipal decision-makers

– Project management for urban lighting projects – who should be involved

– Finding an appropriate lighting specialist / designer

– Coordinating co-design


Coffee break with snacks and preparation for the panel Q+As


The topics discussed in the group work will be presented to the panel of experts for open discussion.


Conclusions and end of session

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