Partner University Aarhus

Aarhus University

We are happy to announce that Aarhus University has accepted to be a Partner University of PLDC 2019.

Aarhus University is a public research university located in Aarhus, Denmark. Founded in 1928, it is Denmark’s second oldest university and the largest, with a total of over 44,000 enrolled students and around 11,000 staff members.

Lighting Design is an area of research in the Civil and Architectural Engineering section of the Aarhus University’s Department of Engineering. The research is human-centred and thus approached from the point of view of understanding human visual and non-visual needs for which lighting is to be provided. Researchers focus on applying appropriate science, technology and design to architectural (day)lighting problems in order to ensure well-being, health and an appropriate architectural/spatial atmosphere for building occupants, as well as the energy-efficiency and sustainability of the (day)lighting systems selected. Lighting design research activities are conducted in collaboration with national and international partners from both academia and industry. Education related to lighting design and associated research is provided in courses and student research projects at Bachelor, Master and PhD level. Lighting design students from Aarhus University have presented their work at previous PLD Conventions and also won the very first young designers’ speaker competition, The Challenge, in 2015 in Rome.