Aero Light joins PLDC in Rotterdam

Aero Light joins PLDC in Rotterdam

Aero Light Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 in Guangzhou. As of 2014, Aero has specialized in hotel lighting, and is currently focusing on the supply of lighting solutions and technical support for five-star hotel projects. 95 per cent of Aero Light’s projects are concerned with hospitality lighting.

Aero has a variety of product ranges, including downlights, linear lighting solutions, track-mounted luminaires, spotlights, inground luminaires, underwater lighting and more, and also supplies advanced standard fittings for commercial lighting projects.

As a professional manufacturer of LED fixtures for five-star hotels, Aero Light acknowledges the fact that lighting for five-star hotels is an art in itself, and that the brand of a five-star hotel can be accentuated by well-designed lighting.

Aero Light’s self-defined mission is to provide clients with good products and service beyond expectation.


Aero Light has been a Gold partner to PLDC 2018.