Alexandra Kalimeri

Self-running poster presentation:

“Illuminance, apparent brightness and circadian rhythms. A new era in lighting design?”

Alexandra Kalimeri is a lighting engineer, with six years of experience working in the field of architectural lighting design. She received an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens/GR and an MSc in Lighting from the University College of London/UK.

The main focus of her underground studies was on energy production and efficiency, but her strong interest in art and design got her involved with architectural lighting.

This dual background helps her develop a holistic approach to lighting design. She has been involved in a variety of different projects from lighting design for stadiums, music arenas and railway stations to facade lighting for historic buildings. She has been working as part of multidisciplinary teams alongside architects and engineers.

While still at university she developed an interest in visual perception. Her dissertation examined consumers’ preferences in correlated colour temperature and the luminous intensity of different light sources used in retail environments. Over time, her involvement in projects from different sectors has given her the opportunity to question the lighting requirements as set in current standards and recommendation documents.