Alto back as Gold Sponsor

Alto back as Gold Sponsor

Founded in 1984 and with its headquarters in Seoul, Alto’s goal is to develop high-tech, eco-friendly lighting solutions based on the concept of “lighting for health”. Since the emergence of LED technology in the lighting industry, they have been able to develop luminaires to express various architectural concepts with light in many creative ways, and to create beautiful, healthy spaces.

“Alto lightBuilding”, a four-storey high building on 4,958m² of land, comprises LED research laboratories and high-tech facilities. The whole building is equipped with Alto  indoor and outdoor luminaires. The lightBuilding has radiant cooling and heating systems, low-energy glass windows, venetian blinds and rooftop gardens that effectively save up to 60% on energy consumption. Built using eco-friendly materials, the level of CO² emission stays low, providing a perfect environment to develop and manufacture eco-friendly LED luminaires.

Alto lighting design and product development are based on creativity and innovative technology. At Alto lightBuilding, the team give their best to ensure high-quality products through continous research and development. The company’s quality management system meets international standards, and the quality is consistently improved.