Åsa Moum and Moa Pauhlson

Self-running poster presentation:

“Dynamic Lighting Design for Neonatal Care Units”

Åsa Moum is an experienced designer specialising in lighting. She started out with an interest in designing luminaries, delved into learning about control systems, and now focusses on creating experiences using light—at the intersection of design, engineering, and psychology.

She holds an M.Sc in Computer Science Engineering from KTH, and a B.A. in Psychology from Stockholm University focussing on the effects of different kinds of light on our health and performance. She has completed coursework for a Master in Architectural Lighting Design, KTH.

Before starting her own company, she developed mobile phones at Sony Ericsson and led teams of mechanical engineers and designers at Huawei in Sweden and China.

Moa Pauhlson is a lighting designer. Through her work and studies, she has gained basic competence in three different areas of knowledge and expertise: lighting design, architecture and visual communication. Moa gained experience from a number of lighting design assignments in hospital projects focussing on human well-being. She holds a degree in Lighting Design from the Technical University of Jönköping and a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication with a focus on architecture from Malmö University.