Best Newcomer


The intent is to recognise a designer who is new to the scene / whose recently completed work deserves to be recognised for its innovative or state-of-the-art lighting design within complex projects.

Matt Waugh and Greta Smetoniute: For their efforts to define a circular economy which can apply to lighting equipment. With their research and approach they are demonstrating the responsibility that the present generation of lighting designers is prepared to address and take on.

Jessica Collier: For Jessica’s attempt to resolve a disconnect in the gap between consumer education and the expanding palette of products by translating the metrics into a description of the qualities and attributes desired for specific application.

Faruk Uyan: For his efforts with regard to “Energy and the cost-effective renovation of lighting systems”, which he is currently researching for his PhD. The team at his office, LAB1, focus their work on lighting and energy-related issues in buildings.