Dr. Mette Hvass/DK

Light in the urban nightscape – an architectural potential explored through scenographic frameworks

Presentation date: 25. October
Presentation time: 10:45

New lighting technologies have the potential to improve the livability of the urban nightscape, but the architectural potential of these lighting technologies has not yet been identified. The aim of this research project is to find a way ofanalysing and designing architectural lighting scenarios that enhance the identity of the space and increase overview and social interaction around everyday activities in complex urban spaces. The findings presented in this paper are part of a three-year research project conducted at Aalborg University Copenhagen in collaboration with Schréder/Owlet and Holscher Design.

Dr. Mette Hvass/DK, Aalborg University Copenhagen

Mette Hvass studied Architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, in Copenhagen/DK and worked in architects’ practices for five years before studying Lighting & Design at KTH in Stockholm/SE, where she graduated in 2005. She then worked as a lighting designer at COWI A/S and Rambøll before starting to teach Lighting Design at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen. Mette was also part of the Danish Center for Light team for two years before becoming an external lecturer in Lighting Design and PhD Fellow (2018) at Aalborg University, Copenhagen.