Excursion to Rotterdam Centraal Station

Excursion to Rotterdam Centraal Station 

When pinpointing iconic architectural buildings in Rotterdam, Rotterdam Centraal Station literally stands out.

Marcel Blom (Cross Architecture Amsterdam/NL), at the time part of Team CS (Benthem Crouwel Architects, Meyer en Van Schoten, West 8) who was in charge of planning and realising the project, will head the one and a half hour guided tour through Rotterdam Centraal Station and provide interesting facts and figures, as well as inside knowledge about the building. The station was completed in March 2014 after a construction period of seven years.

About Rotterdam Centraal Station:

The new Rotterdam Centraal Station has already won a number of awards and not only serves as a modern and efficient traffic hub for around 320,000 commuters every day, but has also acted as a catalyst for a massive upgrading of the neighbouring districts: the new building has connected districts which had previously been separated by the barrier of railway tracks.

The idea of symbiosis is also represented inside the building: shops, high-end restaurants and bars provide further offers and ensure an additional number of visitors and welcoming interiors. This is reinforced by the new station concourse, whose generous layout and aesthetics convey the impression of a roofed piazza. Given its identity-generating architecture and its sophisticated sustainability concept, Rotterdam Centraal has become a new landmark of the City of Rotterdam within a very short period of time.

The combination of generous spaces, high-quality materials and well-designed lighting merges to create a striking spatial impression and generate a pleasant atmosphere for the users. It is a place which combines the high spatial quality of a piazza with the efficient logistics of an international traffic hub.

On 23. October, 2019, departing from the Ahoy at 14.00, a group of up to 25 attendees will be given the chance to visit the Rotterdam Centraal Station.

Photos: © Jannes Linders