Excursion to Studio Roosegaarde

Excursion to Studio Roosegaarde

If you have ever wondered how Daan Roosegaarde and his team develop their creative visions and work with models and mock-ups to test their ideas, then this is the right excursion for you!

On 23. October, 2019, departing from the Ahoy at 16.00, a group of up to 20 attendees will be given the chance to visit the Roosegaarde Studio, peek through the keyhole of this creative world, and see tests and mock-ups of upcoming exhibits.

The group will be given access to the studio workshop, gain an insight into the studio’s philosophy and design thinking, and will have the chance to ask questions.

For your information – Daan will be giving a presentation on Saturday, 26. October at PLDC. How cool would it be to hear about some of the projects realised by the renowned light artist after experiencing the space where they are developed!

The excursion is fully booked.

All pictures © Willem de Kam