Heper as Silver Sponsor

Heper as Silver Sponsor

Heper is an international outdoor lighting manfuacturer with a portfolio of road, tunnel, landscape and facade lighting products with minimalistic and futuristic designs. Established in 1996, Heper brought constant innovations to the market and became an important international player for the outdoor lighting field with business partners in 80 different countries wordwilde.

Heper Group provides diverse solutions with its brands through their different talents, knowledge and experiences. While Heper is the brand providing technical and very functional high-tech lighting products, Moonlight specializes in custom design projects according to the needs of architectural areas.

Alcopole brand represents Heper Group’s emphasis for environmental issues with producing aluminum poles which is proven to be much better than galvanized steel. The Axismould brand, thanks to the tooling experience of Heper engineers and specialists, gives tooling services.

These four brands all together, makes the Heper Group the single partner to go for your outdoor lighting projects.