Inessa Demidova/RU/UK

Learning successful night-time placemaking from self-appearing urban environments

Presentation date: 25. October
Presentation time: 11:15

A number ofnewly developed urban spaces today suffer from lack of character and sense of place, or are deemed as being non-inclusive. The research undertaken applied methodologies from social sciences to develop a new typology and toolset for observational studies over a period of six months across three European cities: London, Saint Petersburg and Madrid. The locations encompass a variety of cultural specifics, different seasons and climates. The principles resulting from the research findings define the opportunities for designing night-time urban environments which are inclusive for local communities, reflective of place specifics, and offer owners and users alike a sense of agency.

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Inessa Demidova/RU/UK, Arup

Inessa Demidova joined Arup’s London lighting team in March 2016, and currently holds the position of Lighting Designer. She has experience working on a wide range of interior and exterior lighting projects including public spaces, cultural buildings, historic façades, offices, hospitality and retail, and was a finalist of the Society of Light and Lighting Young Lighter of the Year 2015 award.
By combining her skills in art and architecture, her keen interest in technological innovations and design thinking on different scales, Inessa is able to bring new innovative ideas to projects as well as provide full support and a deep understanding of underlying values that drive the best projects forward.
Inessa feels passionately about expanding the value that a well-founded and inclusive lighting design can deliver to the built environment and its inhabitants.