Kerem Asfuroglu/TR/UK

The unknown terrain

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 17:15

The Vessel is a charity project organised in collaboration with The Vessel UK & Daughters of Africa. The project was focused on training 30 local electricians in Gambia on the topic of lighting design and solar energy to increase their employment potential. Following the technical training, the project was finalised with the practical installation of a solar power-based lighting scheme at a 24/7 accessible community library. The aim of The Vessel was to improve their study experience through well designed lighting, whilst eliminating power cuts and costs indefinitely. Kerem’s initiative was supported by the Project Coordinator Odiri Ighamre, founder of The Vessel UK and co-founder of Daughters of Africa.

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Kerem Asfuroglu/TR/UK

Kerem is the founder of Dark Source – an independent lighting design and creative content studio driven by social values. Following his graduation from Wismar University – Architectural Lighting Design MA in 2010, Asfuroglu worked at Speirs + Major for almost eight years. Throughout his career, he worked on projects of varying scales from Covent Garden’s site-wide lighting improvement project to Shakespeare’s New Place in Stratford-upon-Avon. He has won several awards including Red Dot, PLDA Vox Juventa and PLDC Best Newcomer. He was awarded the title “Dark Sky Defender” by theInternational Dark Sky Association (IDA) for his work advocating the importance of darkness.